The humble attic, an unused space normally reserved for old suitcases and items that are better out of sight than mind.

But what is really hiding in the overhead region? For some this is an unused space that is inaccessible without lugging the ladder out of the garage. Cue performing something close to a circus balancing act of trying to navigate through the hatch.  What if you could create a storage solution that is both practical and adds value – great, but let’s start with accessibility.

It is common for European homes to utilise their attic to no end, something that is becoming ever more popular in the New Zealand market.  An increase in storage requirements has seen home owners move to utilising this inhabited space for storage. By installing a set of attic stairs the ease of accessing this space not only increases, but the safety aspects are then also covered. No more balancing on a ladder. offers a wide range of access solutions with their FAKRO Attic Stair range. FAKRO are a Polish based company who specialise in Attic Stairs and Roof Windows / Skylights for the domestic market. They are the leader among their competitors and manufacture to the highest quality.

You can see our range of attic stairs available here. We offer a solution for ceiling heights from 2.7 (and below) up to 3.3m. With prices starting from only $329, we offer an affordable solution for all situations.

So now that you can access your attic, how can you make the most of this space? Perhaps you have a space usable for something other than storage?

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How about creating a man cave? Or a kids playroom? Opportunities are endless! Take a look at these inspirational attic conversions.


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The opportunities presented for creating an abundance of storage, are unlimited when it comes to the attic. Or you could get creative and utilise this space for something other than storage? If you would like to discuss what is suitable for your own property, please get in touch with one of the customer service team on 0800 DIY ONLINE (349 665)



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